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Let's stay Farm Inn in Akita!

English 台湾 ภาษาไทย 日本語


English 台湾 ภาษาไทย 日本語

When you book

Please give us the following information by email or fax when you make a reservation: Your name, phone, the number of people staying and the dates of checking in and out.

Please let us know if you have any kind of food allergy and if there is any food you can't eat.

You can also email to us info @ 
Payment is in cash only. The rate includes meals. Most of inns will provide meals unless they mentioned no meals.

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Discovering Favorite Places

Akita’s farm inns are famous for their quality services provided by the talented 'oka-san' (mother) and oto-san (father). During your stay in the inns you can enjoy the unique nature and landscape of Akita, while at the same time you could have the opportunity to taste local food. You can relax and experience the Japanese traditional life style. Each inn provides different kind of accommodation. You can choose to stay either in the Japanese traditional tatami room or in the cabin.

map of Akita

Akita prefecture is divided in 8 areas. Each area has a unique characteristic specialty.
All the following inns accept foreign guests. The owners of the inns are not fluent in English, but they will do their best to make you stay comfortable.


①Kazuno -The number of inn: 0
●Tour Info: Lake Towada, Hachimantai, Kiritanpo,  Peach picking(the northern limit of their growing range in Japan, September)


②Kitaakita -The number of inn_1:Hotel Fusch
●Tour Info: Watching frost covered trees(winter), Kiritanpo, Matagi, Akita Nairiku Jukantetsudo(railway line)
●Farmer's store_Yoki na kasan no mise  Members of the staff are operating a farm inn.


③Yamamoto -The number of inn_2:Hanamizuki Farm InnShirakami Bunakko Kyoshitsu
●Tour Info: Shirakamisanchi, Junsai picking, Hatahata(fish), Tea (the northern limit of their growing range in Japan)


④Akita -The number of inn_4:Jumatsu no IeSatoyama no Cafe NinigiKamuenSakura Inn
●Tour Info: Kanto Festival(August), Senshu park, Namahage, Oga Peninsula, Hachirougata


⑤Yuri -The number of inn_4:Kaikon no SatoHotel MasakaBenten no YadoShizen Mankitsuya
●Tour Info: Mt. Chokai, Hatahata(fish), Oister(Summer), Yuri Kogen Tetsudo(railway line)


⑥Senboku -The number of inn_14:Farm Inn, Nature KyomienNishi no IeIoriKamadoKayo no Sato KishiroTerukoJinkichiSounosukeIchi no EKatsuraKuri no KiSeisetsukanTaizandoNodoka
●Tour Info: Kakunodate, Lake Tazawa, Omagari fire works(August), Akita Nairiku Jukantetsudo(railway line)


⑦Hiraka -The number of inn_1:Mitsumata Choemon
●Tour Info: Kamakura of Yokote(February), Iburigakko, Masuda Storehouses


⑧Ogachi -The number of inn_1:Kayabuki Sanso Kakuzan
●Tour Info: Nishimonai Bon Odori(August), Inaniwa udon


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fishing on the ice


making goods


Farming experience






Misotanpo(Akita's traditional food)


 Damako nabe (Traditional hot pot dishes)






tatami room


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